Castricum Rugby Club

Thank you for taking a glance at our webpage, meaning you are interested in rugby and perhaps especially in Castricum Rugby Club. Castricum Rugby Club was founded in 1968 from a social side. Within ten years the club flourished and fielded several senior sides and quite a lot of youth. Through a very successful breed of colts the big breakthrough to national league rugby came in 1982. Two national championships were achieved in 1987 and 1988, when the club also moved to a new ground. More recently the club added a third title to their palmares in April 2000 and became champion for 5 years in a row, starting in 2003. Besides two floodlit pitches, a fine clubhouse the club also offers other facilities such as six changing rooms, a fully equipped fitness centre, an almost professional kitchen and a sauna.


National championship

For over a decade Castricum challenged for the title, but found themselves struggling against relegation in 1996. New board members set a new line and from 1997 the club have several New Zealanders in the line-up. This gave an enormous boost to both results and growth of the club, resulting in a third national championship in the new millenium. The year 2000 brought Castricum the ‘triple’ as they also won the Cup and the Sevens title. And after the rugby season the also conquered the very first Dutch Beach Rugby Title.


The third title brought Castricum into Europe. It ended in a third place, after losing the first away match only just. Castricum did have their moment of glory after winning the Euro cup in 2003. The international program changed in 2004 into the ING cup. The top four of last season’s competition of Belgium and Holland played each other to compete for the big cup. Castricum won this cup in 2005 and 2007 and played the final in 2006 as well. Unfortunately the cup was cancelled in 2008.


For the youngsters the club fields own teams in the under 10, under 12 and under 14 categories. Girls and boys play in mixed teams. The under 14 group looks especially talented to step into the top in five years. Castricum have always and still supply internationals to the Dutch XV as well as to the National Youth selections. The atmosphere within the club is very good and friendly. Parties are organized on a regular basis and after-match hospitality is highly appreciated by quite a big crowd. Find out yourself and come visit us soon!!!

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